A Pet Owner’s Guide to Precaution

As a pet owner you are legally obliged to provide a suitable environment, a healthy diet, your pet to be house and to be provided with protection from pain and suffering and injury and diseases. These are the five freedoms or welfare of an animal. The lack of these provisions can cause serious repercussions. Not only are you subjecting the animal to both physical and mental stress, which might cause sickness, you are also then subject to face legal prosecution. Continue reading A Pet Owner’s Guide to Precaution

Why We Need to Revisit Anti Cruelty Laws

In law, pets are generally seen as property with limited legal rights of their owners. This allows owners agency over what is in the best interest of the animal. This is a problem when it comes to the interpretation of Anticruelty laws, as they allow owners to get off without punishment for physical or cosmetic modification of their pets which might not necessarily be in the best interest of the animal, such as ear cropping. This also allows owners to lay off pets for being “too rowdy” to veterinarians or to get them euthanized.  This puts minimal responsibility on owners of the provision of basic necessities and nothing more, such as food and water. Even in cases where Anticruelty applies, the interpretation has been made to create exceptions for industries where cruel practices are socially acceptable, such as agribusiness, poultry or scientific research on animals, which include starvation of animals as it is interpreted as necessary and justifiable. Continue reading Why We Need to Revisit Anti Cruelty Laws

How to Keep Your Pets Safe

We all love our pets and we treat them like a person or a friend and have concern for their safety, right? If you are as big of an animal lover as I am then you will definitely be enraged by the fact that there are no literally no legal regulations when it comes to products for animals and pets. This means that there may be certain chemicals used in these products that may be toxic for your dog, cat or hamster. This may become apparent immediately or it may be slowly poisoning your pet depending on the level of toxicity in the product. There is also the concern that there is little testing done where it comes to toys for pets and accessories. With animal rights on the rise and as people starting to care animals and have concern for their safety this is quite detrimental.

The Importance of Getting The Right Products

With the animal product industry being worth more than $60 in only 2016—according to the American Pet Product Association (APPA)—there is an increase in the incentive for pet product manufacturers to produce cheaper products for to maximize their product. This could mean that since these companies only care about their profit and not about our pets, they will most likely use raw material that may be toxic and there will be little or—in the majority case—no testing done for the product.

In other words, companies will be focusing more on what the product looks and feels like to the person buying it than actually caring about what effects it has on the pets. They can mostly get away with the lack of testing because in a situation where a dog is feeling uncomfortable in a new leash it is very unlikely to say so because it can’t speak to its owner and tell them that it is feeling uncomfortable. There is also the fact that these companies will be able to get away with even the toxic substances that they put in their products because when it comes to cats and dogs it is very difficult to be able to tell what exactly they ate.

Imagine your dog getting sick and you taking it to the vet and the vet tells you that your dog ingested something toxic, you won’t be able to tell that the toxic substance came from the product that you bought for your dog because half the time you don’t even know what your dog has been ingesting because dogs usually don’t care. You probably don’t even know if your dog drank from the toilet today. The same point applies to your cat, since most of the time they are just wandering about and putting things in their mouth and even eating them with no care in the world. So it is really really easy for these companies to get away with toxic substances being used to manufacture their product since there will be no accountability in most cases until someone or some institution is to test that product for toxic substances.

It is important for these companies to take account all sorts of behavior that dogs, cats and other pets usually exhibit like clawing, biting, licking, etc. when they manufacture their products. There was an instance of more than 5000 complaints being issued against a particular brand of jerky food treats for cats and dogs with about 1000 dogs dying because of having them.

This caused the FDA to issue only a warning where any import that was suspected to be toxic was not imported. This was a step, but some companies have also started to take the regulations and requirement that are associated with the manufacturing of baby products and start applying them to the pet products that they manufacture to gain trust of their customers. This is a promise of some safety, but this is a bit useless considering the fact that pets don’t exactly have the same physiology and don’t have exhibit the same behavior as human children. There is yet some proper research to be done regarding animal safety in order for these products to truly be considered ‘tested’

The pet product industry is booming and growing ever so greatly, but the law has not assured any safety regulations. This is something that needs to be talked about and if there are an increasing amount of complaints against a certain pet product it is crucial that the government looks into the company the complaint was issued against and also how the product is manufactured and if there is proper testing done. Taking all this into account, pet product safety is something that should be talked about more so that there is something done about it. We should make sure that when your dog is a heavy chewer and   when you’re looking for the best dog toys for heavy chewers you get that and not something that might harm your dog.